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We love getting creative and taking any stress out of your big day, so you can kick back,
relax and enjoy the ride, sipping champagne, safe in the knowledge that we're on hand
to bring your unique to life.

Inspired and creative, our small but mighty team is always on hand to offer as much help as you need when it comes to the look and feel of your big day.

We're ready to meet you, and looking forward to hearing all about your dreams,
and how we can help you create your perfect day

HELLO there,
I'M loren

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A planning addict, partial to strong coffee, I’m a purveyor of all things rustic, obsessed with sourcing and creating one-of-a-kind props. 


It was during my 10 years’ experience of Retail Styling and Visual Merchandising that my love affair for weddings was finally, put to good use, when I came across Wedding & Event stylists Willow & Fig (couples of the North, your search is over – thank me later!) at a 2016 Wedding Fayre I was coordinating in the Lake District. 

Fast forward a couple of years, and, with countless large-scale and award-winning venues successfully styled, I decided to move back home to Wales, bringing with me my passion for stunning wedding set-ups…...and Cinnamon Pig was born. 


Now, as the hopelessly romantic creative behind the business, I dedicate every spare minute of my day to all things Weddings & Events for Cinnamon Pig. My passion for making your special day, big or small, exactly how you’ve always imagined it, stronger than ever! 


Organised and managed with military precision, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that we've got everything in hand. Whether I’m on the other end of your inbox with a Styling Proposal, or fawning over foliage and positioning props on the day, tweaking and tinkering until it’s just right, my total focus is making everything perfectly special for you.


So, use your imagination, there's no request too big, too small, too unique because, in the wise words of  Walt Disney:: 

'You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality'



With ‘finesse’ as my middle name, when it comes to your special day, you’ll find me positioning fresh florals and foliage, or skilfully structuring aisle dressings, essentially fine tuning all elements of styling to your personalised Style Pack. 


Guardian of the ‘grab bag’ and replenishment master, I’m always on hand with the everyday essentials for any big event. Whether it’s safety pins and plasters or colour-coordinating for chair dressings, dinner candles and twine - there’s no request too much or too unique. It’s the attention to detail and forward planning that I love the most … And good job too! 


With a background working on both sides of high-profile media management, where attention to detail and keeping cool under pressure is essential, my experience has taken me from coordinating International press conferences to media handling at major sporting events (trust me, no venue space is too challenging when you’ve wrangled a Rugby Team to their World Cup Press Conference!). 


It represents decades of experience dealing with people from all walks of life, from A-List celebrities to elite athletes and prominent company CEOs, all of them with unique requests, requiring creative ideas and solutions, and almost all of them, inevitably, needed in short order. And I’ve loved the challenge!


These days, pulling on that time and coordination under pressure experience is priceless …think room turnaround, from stunning ceremony set-up to styled reception for 150-plus guests in under 60 minutes!

A member of Cinnamon Pig since its inception in 2019, and always the go-to team member for an energy boosting Toffee Crisp or Tangerine, I’ve been passionately creating client proposals, sourcing unique props, keeping our day-to-day fully functioning from admin to stock levels, and always putting my best creative-styling foot forward when it comes to setting up and styling for the big day.



HELLO there,
I'M carol


HELLO there,
I'M sara


Plant whisperer and faithful illustrator, I’m the mind behind all things content and events for Cinnamon Pig. A lover of greenery, yet never one to turn down softly-dried florals, my decade-plus experience in Event Dressing & Management has helped build my skills in styling props and spaces, creating magical moments and picture-perfect settings for your special day.

Whether co-ordinating large-scale festivals such as Boardmasters, or crafting store signage for big-name brands like Clarins, being creative is when I’m at my happiest! On your day, you'll find me styling the seating plan in just the right spot, or dressing the dance floor with a flair that will draw even your most reluctant foot-tapping guests into the party arena! 


Officially joining Cinnamon Pig in 2022, after celebrating my best creation yet, my daughter Kora, has enabled us to further expand our creative expertise, offering even more experience in everything from wedding styling and planning to on-the-day



Whether it's those final moments of pre-aisle prep, straightening the veil as the music starts up, or being ready with a fresh tissue on hand for those emotional speech moments, I'm known for being cool, calm and collected, with never a moment I'm not prepared for. 


Combining that with my love for Rock & Roll, the team is always happy for me to take on liaison with the band, as well as synchronising your treasured playlists, making sure your day and night cruises through the gears, from your first dance to that all important final song for the last ones standing.


Whatever your wishes, however wild your dreams, wherever you are planning to celebrate your most special of days, don’t be afraid to get in touch. Nothing is too much trouble, nowhere is too far away... we’ve got the time, the tunes, the skills and the passion to get us there, ready and raring to go! 



A handy-man at heart, with a hammer in one hand and a PG Tips in the other, I’m your man for all things bespoke. Bringing the show stopping stuff to reality. 


With award winning renovations, open-day garden showcase expertise and decades of event planning and management under my well-worn belt, I jumped at the offer to take on the role of Cinnamon Pig ‘Prop Master General’. Despite my lengthy background in the Police Force and Emergency Planning Office, it wasn’t a nickname I attributed to myself...though I must admit, I secretly rather enjoy it.

The thrill of seeing an item I’ve handmade, play such a key part in someone’s special day is like no other. 


A lover of Weddings, I’ve been known to shed the odd tear here and there at the happy couple saying I do. A favourite moment, to date, was repurposing a set of much-loved ladders from a 90-year-old retired painter-decorator into a rather special ceremony backdrop, that has since found another gorgeous purpose as a wedding-cake display frame! With the added touch of purpose-built shelves as an optional accessory, it has even earned pride of place as a stylish display for use with desserts, cakes or food grazing boards for the after-party. What’s not to love!  (Feel free to save me a cupcake!)



HELLO there,
I'M michael

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